Random Password Generator

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Password Security Tips

This password generator generates highly secure passwords that are very difflcult to guess and crack. Password generation is done client-side, on your PC, with PHP and javascript. All passwords are never shared in internet.

To assist you secure all your important personal information, we have created a list of guidelines on creating and protecting your passwords.

Make your passwords as many strong characters as possible with a minimal of at least 10 characters. The most characters there are the much harder it will be to guess or crack using a hacking method. Combine uppercase letters, lowercase letters, special characters, and numbers to help improve the difficulty of your login information.

Don't use your SSN (Social Security Number), Phone number, nick name, street name, address, birthday, place of birth or something other personal details in your passwords as this information is often times easily available on the internet.

Do not write down your login details anyplace. In specific, don't write down your login details on a post-it-note and leave it anywhere at your workplace

Don't using the "Remember Password" function on your web browser (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari etc.)

Don't use character of your user name in your passwords.

Don't use the names of your pet, relatives or friends in your login details

Don't use any common words (like 1234, test, test123)

Change your passwords every 4 weeks once.

How Hackable is your passwords ?

The length and strength of your password can make a hudge difference in how long it takes for hackers to crack the code.

2 Mins - If you have an all lower-case 5 character password, a hacker can feast on you personal data by the time you get your drive thru order.

10 Mins - Do you have a 5 character password with all lowercase letters and numbers? A hacker can crack it before you and spike make around the block.

1 Hour - Hackers are in incredibly flexible, even without exercise. in the hour you spend doing yoga. They can crack a 5 character passwords with upper and lowercase letters.

17 Years - Longer, stronger passwords put hackers in a time-out. An 10 Character password that uses upper and lowercase letters and symbols takes longer to crack than raising a child.

Stay away from phishing websites. Do not entering one of these types of websites and they'll have the information required to hack your account.

Do not use unsecured Wi-Fi to access your financial account or your e-mail accounts. (when used to a public wi-fi connection use online Free VPN or Proxy Tools. )

Do not give your login information to anyone.

Use a different login name and password per email account. Although this may be complicated, at least use a different passwords per web account. Maintain the same login name.